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I have a very real obsession with Bravo’s always-problematic, ever-meme-able (see: @sirbanksalot11 for the funniest Bravo-related content ever) “Real Housewives” queendom. The “New York” crew—well, most of them (Ramona is insane)—have my heart. And I’ve grown to TV-love a few of the women from other franchises, too.

And then there’s “Orange County”

Racist as ever. Some of its cast members espouse especially repulsive cultural views, both on-air and on social media—likely a reflection of living in the conservative O.C. bubble. (For instance, Gretchen Rossi, an “O.C.” alum, seems to have fallen head first into a QAnon cult, allegedly!) Here are some other examples:

1. Kelly…

As recommended by an actual scientist.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

In a recent Atlantic story, writer Zeynep Tufekci spells out the obstacles our nation faces as another, possibly more deadly coronavirus wave hits. Tufekci’s evaluation of this surge–she’s especially concerned that without sufficient leadership, the nation won’t be able to stave off rising “hospitalizations, deaths, and potential long-term effects on survivors”–worries me. Does President Trump have the emotional (or intellectual) bandwidth to handle this properly?

No. We know the answer is “no,” because we’ve experienced, firsthand, his sluggish response to the first wave of the virus. His inaction then would lead to an unseemly…

Yes, that little, random state near Washington, D.C.

Photo by Jesse Gardner

Let’s get right into it.

It’s got Blue values with Southern charm.

By and large, Maryland residents support socially progressive policy and consistently vote Blue, particularly in presidential elections. The state decisively chose Biden over Trump in 2020–and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But unlike, say, the state of New York, which is also a liberal stronghold, but has a reputation for its outspoken, no-B.S. inhabitants (no hate, I promise–I plan to live in New York City for the rest of my life!), people of the Old Line State tend to be warm and hospitable. …

Photo by Marco Zuppone on Unsplash

When TikTok star Amanda Fago went on live for her near-3 million followers on Election Day, her comments section suddenly flooded with calls to cancel her. She was filming at a Trump-themed election party, where people in attendance mocked the Black Lives Matter movement (don’t be too offended–she and her party-mates live in the receptacle that is Staten Island) and barked racial slurs from across the room.

TikToker Amanda Fago and acquaintances at a Trump-themed election party on Nov. 3 / TikTok (YouTube)

For Gen Z–the largest demographic of users on TikTok, and who collectively represent the most socially progressive…

Kim Kardashian West and David Letterman / YouTube
Kim Kardashian West and David Letterman / YouTube

In the third season of his streaming series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, the former late night host chats with Kim Kardashian West about the most noteworthy moments in her life, from the time she was robbed at gunpoint during Paris Fashion Week in 2016 to her childhood memories with “Uncle O.J.” Simpson. At one point, when Letterman presses for her opinions about President Trump, she says she’s “grateful for this administration for the work that they’ve done in prison reform.”

The words, which she actually uttered–like, out loud! to an audience! on a show on…

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